Aluminum profiles for structural

Fence Door and window


Aluminium railing is corrosion-resistant (Rusting), strong, durable, weather-resistant (resistant to rain and sunlight) and lightweight.
The modern design of this product is compatible with various home styles, adding dimensions to the house and providing protection for users. The product is assembled using a system without welding, allowing for customization and the ability to accommodate tall structures as needed.

Sunshade Fins

Designed to withstand indoor and outdoor conditions, can be added to any existing structure to provide an effective and permanent shading solution.
Perfect for extensions of a building, protection for an open terrace, breezeways, or connecting pavilions
Provides protection while allowing for optimal air flow
Durable and low maintenance

Top Hung/Casement window

Modern design and outstanding with a beautiful appearance and a high level of stability and strength.
They are easy to open and close, providing convenience in usage. They are equipped with a water drainage system to reduce the problem of water leakage. The installation system is specially designed to help prevent burglary. They can be assembled in various styles.